As a manager, I’ve discovered that adopting a servant leadership approach and adjusting my style to suit the individual needs of my team, while being consistent and maintaining a strict ethical code, is the most efficient method of leading. 
It's also become clear that management and leadership are two separate skills that both play a crucial role in achieving success. However, if I had to choose, I would rather be an inspiring leader than a great manager.
A colleague and I collaborated on a system for developing designers, which we called "The Three A's." The framework was designed to provide monthly feedback to our designers. It involved identifying their strengths, reflecting on their accomplishments, and pinpointing areas where they could improve.
We began with high-level Attributes that all designers need to achieve. Next, we break down those attributes into easy-to-understand Actions that they can use to improve. And finally, we provide them with Assets (resources) for each action so they understand how to get better.
It's been a rewarding process that helped me get better as a leader and manager while helping my designers improve personally and professionally.
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